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IMPACT Software Company is a full-service PHP/MYSQL development company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We create affordable custom PHP/MySQL applications for your website and act as a contractor. What this means is, 100% source code owned by you. In addition, we also design and manage our own applications under the IMPACT Software Brand such as Ad Peeps, Picture Wallet, Chief Mailer, and more.
Current Open Projects: 3
Projects Completed: 22
Availability: Open/Free


- http://www.adpeeps.com

- http://www.marqi.com

- http://www.picturewallet.com

- http://www.urban2u.com 

IMPACT Software Company is proud to create quality
web-applications for our clients from around the world.

We truly believe that by creating reliable and functional applications to support your business ventures will in turn bring repeat business back to us.

In short, we guarantee that any work we do is protected against bugs in the software. Every client is given a one year guarantee on bugs. If the program acts unexpectedly with our coding within the year, we will update it free of charge.

   CEO, Prince Jones

Our rates start at just $30.00 /hr and because we're truly advanced and professional, most jobs are completed faster than expected - saving you money.

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